CEO Message

Realize customer’s expectation


Spread new technologies


Values connection among all our customers and our partners



Our company will always keep these 3 missions in mind and make our best to resolve customers ‘ problems. In order to meet customer’s demands completely, we will not only advise our customers professionally, but will also use our human resources fully to provide a profession consulting service in special field, such as technology, accounting and judicial affaires, etc.


We would like to be the company that can contribute to the society by supporting customers’ from various fields developing their business nationally and internationally.

CEO Profile

CEO Yoshinaga Karasawa

Born on 4/29/1944

From Nagano prefecture

Graduate of Hitotsubashi University faculty of commerce



Teijin Limited


Teijin Indonesia


CEO of Teijin America, became a board member of Teijin Limited


CEO of Teijin Twaron in Holland


Exclusive Vice President of Teijin Limited


Retired from Teijin


Established Yosh International Inc.