Tungsten Radiation Shielding Sheet

Easy-to-wear & Easy-to-use

  • The fabric is soft and flexible enough to make into any type of design. Target shielding rates can be achieved by layering the sheets, while still being easier to wear than other products. 
  • In accordance with the product’s intended use, we collaborate with texture experts to select and propose the right fabric lining and surface material.

E.g.) Super water-repellent finishing, flameproof finish, deodorized finish, nighttime reflective tape, etc.

High flexibility

  • Can be cut with scissors into any shape needed for an intended use. It can also be sewn with a sewing machine.
  • High flexibility allows for easy folding into any shape. We are therefore able to make products of all shapes and thicknesses depending on our customers’ needs.

High shielding effect from special processing

  • Increased shielding effect through use of a crepe processed product. 
  • Demonstrates especially high shielding effect at sites which have multiple sources of radiation coming from different directions. 

Detail information about our product

Detail information about our product → Please see the brochure.
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